Ink & Toner

Selecting the best ink and toner options to suit each printer and copier, the users and their output requirements within your budget.

Grow sales & increase profits

Internet of Things (IoT)

Building a digital network of "things" makes it possible to reduce the threat of losing business to the giants who dominate online search results.

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Extended Service Warranties

Extended service warranties are a simple way to protect your valuable business assets without having to enter into complex multiyear managed service agreements.

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We Maximize your Ink & Toner Budget

Making your printing devices part of the internet of things helps you save time and money, and means you'll never run out of ink or toner.

Enable decentralized budget control

Digital Transformation

Four steps to digitally transforming your business and reducing the threat coming from online properties that dominate search results.

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Ring-Fencing Your Local Community

50% of eCommerce traffic goes directly to Amazon, thereby undercutting local businesses and compromising the long-term prosperity of local communities.

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Featured Articles

Relationship Between Technology and Total Cost of Ownership

We hear a lot about efforts to improve workflows and the favorable impact these have on efficiency which then leads to cost reductions. At the top level, this should not be a controversial concept because time equals money so, reductions in the time taken to achieve a task will lead to a reduction in cost.

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What Amazon does should no longer be considered rocket science!

What Amazon does is very clever, but it should no longer be considered the rocket science it may have typically been viewed as until now. What they have earned through their brilliance is the honor of becoming the world's leading destination for massive amounts of eCommerce traffic.

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Key factors that combine to make up the Total Cost of Ownership.

Not many of us fully consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) when we make our purchasing decisions. We do not consider the lifetime costs of operating a device we purchase, largely because of the complexity of the calculation that can be involved and the difficulty obtaining all the information necessary to complete an accurate calculation.

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Cyber Threats Targeting Me And My Business

Cyber-criminals have built detailed profiles of hundreds of millions of internet users for the purposes of duping them into giving up the credentials necessary to access their own, or their employer's private accounts and to steal or extort money. Learn more about how and why you are being targeted.

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